Public transport of Prague

Prague is easy to get around thanks to a well-developed and understandable public transport system. What are the tickets and where to buy them? How to find the best travel route and calculate its cost? Where to get the map of Prague metro, trams and buses? How to get from Prague airport to the city center?

In Prague, all forms of public transport are connected by a single system Prazske Integrovane Dopravy (PID), which allows you to travel on a single ticket, as well as to make transfers during the entire time of its validity. It is very convenient and cheap.

Prague public transport maps metro bus tram

There are more types of public transport in Prague than you can imagine: tram, bus, metro, funicular, ferry. Trams run through the city center, bus routes pass through more remote areas. The Prague metro provides quick access to different parts of the city. The funicular is more of a tourist attraction than a transport, but we used it too, but the ferry is not, and I'm not sure anyone is doing it.

The peculiarity of public transport in Prague is that it works at night. Several night trams and buses effectively solve the problem of movement in Prague after the metro closes.

All transport in the city — what the locals go and what to choose a tourist.

General situation

Prague is beautiful both for walking and in terms of public transport around. Do not forget to punch each time the ticket when boarding the transport, otherwise you will be waiting for large fines. Tickets for the entire transport system are uniform and you can buy them at metro stations, in tobacco and some other shops.

How to save and travel

In Prague, you can buy tickets for 30 minutes (with an affordable transfer), 90 minutes, as well as unlimited tickets for 24 hours and 72 hours. Unlimited tickets are discouraged if your trips are about 5 a day. For children there is a huge discount-50% (check on the spot).

Type of Prague transport


To understand the beauty of Prague, you need to walk through its cobbled streets! The main tourist facilities are located in close proximity to each other. Pedestrians should not cross the road at a red light-otherwise they can be fined a tidy sum.

Underground ~110 CZK

There are three metro lines in the city. The frequency of approach of trains is 3-7 minutes. Metro operates from five in the morning until about midnight.

Bus ~23 CZK

The bus network in Prague is very well developed. At each stop there is an information panel with a schedule. At night, the movement of most routes does not stop.

Tram ~32 CZK

There is a 24-hour tram service in the centre of Prague. On this transport you can get where there are no buses. All stops are made on schedule, the schedule can be seen on the scoreboard near the stop.

Taxi ~27 CZK

With a taxi in Prague, everything can be difficult, as the main tourist areas occupied by the "taxi mafia", which will call you the price is many times more honest and refuse to take you. If you will be shown some printed rates — with a huge probability you will try to cheat. Always say the final price and do not get into illegal taxis or taxis without meters (or those that do not include a meter)! Try to use the services of licensed taxi parks or book a taxi through the application-Liftago (local taxi service) or Uber.

Boat / Ferry

On the famous Vltava river you can travel by boat. In some places there is a ferry, which is considered public transport. If you want more — you can always go on sightseeing cruises, look for them near the piers.

Funicular ~25 CZK

The funicular works as part of the transport and lifts tourists to the petrshin hill. The queue exists only on the rise, there are no queues on the descent. The interval of the funicular is 10-15 minutes depending on the load. Opening hours are approximately 9:30 to 23:30.

How much does public transport cost in Prague?

Prague has very good public transport: bus, metro, trams. Single tickets with the possibility of transfer. For a short trip (30 minutes) costs 24 CZK (1 US Dollar), for 90 minutes-32 CZK (1,4 US Dollar).

A ticket for all modes of transport (buses, metro, tram) costs 110 CZK (4.7 US Dollar) per day, 310 CZK (13.4 US Dollar) for three days. They will easily pay off taking into account the cost of one trip.

There are no conductors in Prague public transport-you need to punch the ticket yourself. Sometimes there is control, but many locals just do not buy tickets (we do not advise). To buy tickets, you should have a trifle with you: many stations do not have machines that accept bills or cards.

Prague public transport tickets

Travel tickets are for 30 minutes, 90 minutes, 1 day, 3 days. Other types of travel are not interesting to tourists. Children under 6 years drive for free, from 6 to 15 years for half the price (from 10 years you need a photo document). Take advantage of all the discounts, put the Czechs, will not work-it is necessary to issue special cards.

Prague public transport tram lines map

The Prague City Pass tourist card does not include public transport in Prague, but offers a 25% discount on transfers from the airport to the hotel and back, free sightseeing, bus tour, river cruise and more.

We used short-term travel tickets for 30 minutes (around the city) and 90 minutes (to the airport). Count yourself how many times a day you will go and decide whether you need to buy a ticket for 1 or 3 days or not. We lived in the center, went only on the day of arrival and departure and two more times in a Small Country. Tourists with children, the elderly or those who stay in remote areas, go more often.

A ticket is valid only if you have it "validated" (noted). It is necessary to mark the ticket once at the entrance to the tram, bus or metro area. On the ticket there is a stamp with the number and time of boarding. During the entire period of validity of the ticket, you can move from one type of public transport to another (to make transfers), you do not need to mark anything anymore, just keep track of the time. The penalty for free travel is CZK 800 (35 US Dollar).

Where to buy a ticket for public transport in Prague

Prague public transport tickets for sale:

- In vending machines on the street and in the subway. Old machines accept only small change, now additionally installed card (pictured both types of ticket machines)

- In the information centers Of the transport company of Prague (at 3 metro stations, at the airport, at the railway station, in the building of the magistrate)

- By sms (for local SIM cards with the installed program)

- In some convenience stores and tobacco shops

Prague Czech Republic public transportticket vending machines

Usually tourists face the following problems when buying tickets: they can not find a machine (they are not everywhere), there is no change, information centers and the subway are closed for a break or they have run out of work. In order not to be in an unpleasant situation, it is better to buy a ticket for the return trip to the airport or to the station in advance. Minimarkets work the longest. Public transport drivers do not sell tickets!

Public transport maps and routes

All information about public transport in Prague is available on our site. You can download detailed maps of Prague metro, trams, buses and commuter trains HERE.

To find the best route from point A to point B use the site you will be offered all possible options with information about the duration, time and cost of your trip. The route can be printed or sent by email.

In information centers, at railway stations and at the airport there are stands with booklets Of the transport company of Prague, including in English. Very convenient map "Go with us in Prague", it contains a detailed diagram of the metro and tram lines, operating times and intervals of each mode of transport, information about the price of tickets, instructions on how to use the machines, reference phones, the map marked the main attractions of Prague.


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