The Prague Castle

If only you were in the city for a few hours and you could only see one thing of all that there is to see in Prague, surely you'd end up going to visit the castle. A choice very powerful because in a few hours you will learn a lot about the city and enjoy much beauty concentrated.

As we said in the post introductory about the city, the Prague castle is the largest in the world, but is actually more of a set of monuments inside a castle. Very reminiscent of Edinburgh Castle, which is a bit the same scheme of citadel understood as “many buildings within a city wall”.

Schedules and Prices

To visit the castle to calm us dedicaríamos a whole day. Keep in mind that the opening hours vary during the year: from November to march the castle is open all days from 6:00 in the morning to 11 at night, but the monuments that there are in its interior can only be visited from 9 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon. From April to October the castle extends a little more your time in order to receive the tourists: you'll find it open every day from 5 a.m. until midnight, and the buildings and monuments of its interior will also expand its visiting hours, closing at 5 p.m. instead of at 4. Be careful with this because even when the schedule is more extensive, the 5 arrive much sooner than you seem, and you can stay without seeing any of their jewelry.

To enter the castle you have to pay, although the amount of money depends on the monuments you want to enter. There are basically two different circuits:

Circuit A (340 czk), which includes the Cathedral of St. Vitus, the old Royal Palace, exhibition the story of Prague, St George's Basilica, the Alley of Gold with the tower Daliborka, Powder tower and the Palace of Rosenberg.

Circuit B (240 czk), which includes the Cathedral of St. Vitus, the old Royal Palace, St. George's basilica and the alley of gold with the tower Daliborka.

Many more details about prices and other information can be found on the official website of the Castle of Prague. Click here.

Our choice within the Castle

– St. Vitus Cathedral: an imposing gothic-style church that took nearly six hundred years to be completed and open its doors to tourists and the faithful who come to pray. The entrance to the Church is free, but to climb its highest tower (100 metres!) there is to pay. Quite a lot of stairs that bring as a prize, stunning views: highly recommended encouraged to climb, even taking a couple of breaks on the way. However, the most remarkable of the cathedral are its stained-glass windows, made by artisans with the finest bohemian crystal.

– St. George's basilica: This Church is very interesting because it is the oldest that you'll find in the city of Prague. It was founded around the year 900 and is currently in addition to be a church is a convent of benedictine nuns.

– The Old Royal Palace: this palace the prince bohemians carried out many of the activities of the crown: from celebrations and varied markets of the more expensive products and exquisite passing by coronations and meetings with other heads of state. Is fairly well preserved thanks to the reforms that were carried out, as in the ninth century, when it was founded, it was a palace of wood.

– Alley-Gold: this is a lane where you retain the traditional styles of Czech construction and decoration of houses. All are open and it's about to go strolling through the alley and go going to visit each one. In each house also represents the office of the person who inhabited it: the house of the tailor, with all his tools for sewing; the pharmacist, filled with test tubes and pipettes... The most visited house is probably that of Kafka, who lived there for a short period of time. The alley of Gold is what I least liked to visit all the castle, as there were many tourists walking along the street and it was a little overwhelming. If the entry out separately, probably would not advise to buy it, but as it is included in any of the two circuits, my recommendation is that you visit tried to avoid peak hours.